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About  Brandee

With my background as a fitness director and personal trainer, I also incorporates health and wellbeing into the spirit of my practice and in my teaching.  I am also certified in Hanna Somatic Education, EMDR and I have trained with a variety of mediums and shamanic healers.

My work is an integrative blend of energy and body work, somatic psychology, soul retrieval and Family Constellation work.  I help guide clients to re-awaken their core wisdom and self-knowing. Bringing imagination and fluidity to sensitive subject matter with ease and non-judgement.  

CoreSense was born out of my own personal life challenges and continues to evolve as I do.  I support clients as a guide on their healing journey.  Assisting them to build core strengths and attributes from that which was once considered to be a problem or an issue.  

My curious inner detective has always been intrigued by how the body, mind, and spirit communicate harmoniously, collectively informing us.  It is what led me to pursue an MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics, (body-oriented psychology), from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).   


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I believe that our life challenges not only contain the seeds of self-healing but are often a contribution to the healing of others along our journey.

Brandee Prugh, MA


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