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 Soul Retrieval    

Psychology refers to lost parts of self as fragmentation. Shamans and many tribal and indigenous cultures consider it to be soul loss. Fragmentation or soul loss occurs as a response to a traumatic experience or event.  Part of the self splits off as an act of self-preservation.  What may be traumatic for one person may not be traumatic for another. 

Traumatic events set the base template for future repetitive patterns, which are actually opportunities for healing and growth for individuals, families or groups.  The pattern is a reenactment of some version of the original trauma. Frequently, these templates are set generations before. See Family Constellations and Inherited family trauma.

Remember the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray?  Bill’s character repeats the same day over and over until he "gets it" and grows into a better person.  Everyone basically does their own version of Groundhog Day somewhere in their life, consciously or unconsciously. 

However, becoming conscious to the repetitive pattern while in it and making the changes necessary rarely occur for most individuals.  We typically participate in avoidant and often distructive behavior to distract from the pain of the past and stay looping in our patterns. 

Co-creatively we will work to find the origins and root causes of the problem and clear them. We work somatically, with breath and guided imagery to retrieve the soul part, or we utilize a Family Constellation to bring the issue or loop to completion.   

                   When the need for the loop is gone,     

                         …No more Groundhog Day!

In a Session


You can then move forward in life with a new sense of certainty and empowerment! 


Brandee Prugh, MA


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