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Soma, is the Greek word for body.  Thomas Hanna

coined the term Somatics, which means the

first-person perspective of ones own body.

In other words, your perspective of your body. 

             Issues in Your Tissues


       "But I forgot about that a long time ago; why does it matter now?"     

            ~ You may have forgotten but your body has not.


          No one escapes childhood in one piece! 

Our body, within its energy field, is a living, breathing record-keeper of our experience and existence.   Emotional and psychological pain, left unhealed, manifests itself in our body as a physical pain or illness. The innate wisdom of the body expresses itself when we are not able to.  We may not understand why we are experiencing the depression, anxiety, physical pain or illness, but this is how our body gets our undivided attention. 

Most people fear discomfort and pain in their body. They focused on trying to make it go away rather than hear the wisdom it's offering. The body needs us to listen; the less we listen, the louder it will demand to be heard.

Traumatic events, especially in childhood, set the base template for reenactment of future repetitive patterns.  These repetitive patterns are actually opportunities for healing and growth.

We have learned to disregard our own internal navigational system, no longer trusting our body's wisdom or our natural self-healing abilities. Inevitability forfeiting our own decision making capabilities for our body to others.  We forget how to follow our heart and intuition, and so become easily frightened by physical events of the body that we don't understand.


          ~ Healing is an inside job.  Let's navigate this beautiful terrain together!  


Brandee Prugh, MA


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