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Your family of origin has an energy field, or a morphogenic field, which you are a part of.  Each person has their own energy field which, operates within the family's field.

Family constellation is a technique which uses a systemic view to uncover hidden information in one's own family of origin and ancestral line that may be causing or contributing to undesirable circumstances or problems in one's current life.  One doesn't need to remember the traumas in ones lineage, it already exists as memories and energies in the family field. One person's fear, anxiety, or grief effects the entire family because it resides in the family's field.  

Family Constellation facilitators utilize representatives (people), to feel and navigate the field to uncover the original trauma and return balance back to the family system.

          Family Constellation 


Alfred Adler, first used the term Family Constellation to refer to one’s

position, bonds and sense of belonging within one’s own family.

The theory of Family Constellation Work was developed by Bert Hellinger,

a German psychotherapist.  During a group session, one of Bert's group

members was telling him about a family situation. Bert asked the client                                                                     to pick someone to represent himself and representatives for each of the

other members of the family and place them in the center of the circle

in a way that made sense to the client.  Once everyone was placed, Bert

observed that the representatives began to take on characteristics of those people that they were

representing,  -without knowing anything about the people whom they were representing or the circumstances of the situation.  Bert began to experiment to see if this was a repeatable phenomenon or just a fluke.  This was the start of 40+ years of study and research of a life changing body of knowledge.  In his later years the work evolved into what he referred to as tracking the movements of the 'spirit-mind' or 'Family Soul'.

                   What we don't know can hurt us...   in the form of Inherited Family Trauma!

                        A longing for belonging!

When a relative has been excluded, or in some way, not acknowledged, the energy of the missing one will be passed down generationally to someone down-steam who is willing, (consciously or unconsciously), to feel it.  It manifest itself in some unavoidable way often as depression, anxiety, overwhelm, physical or mental illness in an effort to find its place.

The members of the family may forget those who have been excluded, but the family system "re-members" it's own."  -"Love's Hidden Symmetry."

Imagine trying to push a beach ball under water, it will pop up somewhere else   -but it will come up.  The burden is energetically pulled to expose itself to be

healed and to return to its proper place in the lineage.  

Once the missing ones proper place is restored, the heavy burden will lift and balance will also be restored to all members of the system. 

                  ~New discoveries of what is possible can then be explored!

Brandee Prugh, MA


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