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"Brandee respectfully utilizes her insights to facilitate working with the clinician/client dynamic.  She helps identify and articulate in a metaphorical way the dark, hidden spaces the patient has not yet been able to give voice to within his/her own transference. This helps clarify the interplay between the client/clinician relationship."


"I have worked with Brandee as needed over many years. Our sessions are always productive and produce the results I want in some form which have been very important in my life. She is always warm, intuitive, insightful, skilled and excellent with communication. I would highly recommend her." 

                 ~ S.M., Brisbane, CA                              

"Brandee is the most effective healer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She facilitates your soul’s journey toward a clarity that sets you free from the emotional baggage of your past. You will gain a deep understanding that allows you to move forward with your life. Brandee has developed a number of interesting tools during our sessions and along with the help of some very powerful guides she has helped me resolve deep soul issues that would have been impossible for me to heal on my own."

                                                                                                                                     ~ CL, Novato, CA

Dear Brandee, 

"Thank you for your good work! Each piece that we travel together seems to come at exactly the right time. All include the unraveling of pieces in a deeper current of mystery that I wouldn’t have been able to tap into on my own. You are a humble, creative and a skillful guide. You have helped me discover important missing links of information that were keeping me from finding my way back to who I am.  Your work is highly effective! It is a true gift! Thank you – I am grateful!"

                                                                                                       ~ Love, BB, Tulsa OK

"I first crossed paths with Brandee in 2002 through CIIS where we both attended the graduate program for Somatic Psychology. Over time we developed a friendship, initially based on our mutual passion for both somatic work and good humor. Throughout the years I have sought out Brandee's guidance because she has a way of working that I find to be deeply insightful and heartfelt, with a rare gift for effectively getting to the root of a problem. I highly recommend her."

                                                                            ~ Marenka Cerny, MFT, Berkeley, CA

"Working with Brandee ended a several year search for the support I needed in my life. As a leader in my community in business and philanthropy, I required a resource to evaluate my life, and past patterns, recharge myself, and establish new ways of achieving my dreams. Brandee is an extraordinarily unique practitioner who brings together body, spirit, mind, and energy to create a powerful healing context where real results happen. She is compassionate, yet strong, and has become an important ally in my life."

                                                                                                 ~ Professional Choreographer, Bay Area, CA

"Brandee's consultations are incredibly effective and helpful to me as an experienced clinician working in the mental health field. Incountering a variety of complex patients with multiple layers of unspeakable trauma, substance use, and long held defense mechanisms. 

"Her  candid and often humorous insights have helped improve my working style tremendously as I grow in my career. Her work has introduced me to a more spiritual view of my client’s trauma. You will find her style easy going, accessible, and adaptable to whatever type of issue or search you are on. She is an incredibly wise, experienced guide. I can't recommend her highly enough."


                    ~JP Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

Brandee Prugh, MA


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