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Hanna Somatic Education:   

What drew me to HSE was not only its effectiveness in helping regain mobility after injuries, but the philosophy behind it.  In his writings, Thomas Hanna often discusses that parts of the body that are unconscious are also involuntary.  

As a former fitness director and personal trainer, I realized that those unconscious and involuntary muscles held information typically of an emotional- traumatic nature. As I entered my own journey in self-healing, I was able to apply that insight to my clients.



      Issues in Your Tissues


             "But I forgot about that a long time ago;

                 why does it matter now?"


         ~ You may have forgotten but your body has not.

Most people fear discomfort and pain in their body and are focused on trying to make it go away rather than hear the wisdom it has to offer. The body has information and needs us to listen; the less we listen, the louder it will demand to be heard.


Brandee Prugh, MA


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