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What if your problems had a root cause that could be easily managed or cleared?

Would you be ready to try something different?

"Life...  Some Assembly Required!"

Do you work in a helping profession?  Are you absorbing your clients


        ~Learn how your energy field interacts with the energy field of people around you.

        ~Learn to ground and protect yourself and enjoy your job more.

CoreSense Somatic Integration

Location: 7525 Falcon Crest Dr.

                  Redmond, OR 97756



Bring a friend 


To register or for more information please contact:

Brandee Prugh 415.302.3377

Doubting yourself and decisions in your life?

        ~Learn to listen to your body as your internal                                 navigational system.

        ~Create a stronger sense of self and learn to trust

          your intuition.

        ~Increase your energy and vitality and live a happier life!!

Do you keep running into the same problems in your life?

        ~Learn easy tools to deal with conflict at work, home or school.

        ~Understand what makes our patterns repeat and what to do about it.

        ~Learn to ground and protect to stay present when you need to focus.

        ~Learn simple techniques to feel more calm and empowered.

        ~Increase your energy and vitality and live a happier life!!

             ~You bring your real-life problems! 

             ~Take home real-life tools to deal with them! 

 "Energy is Neither created nor destroyed, It can only move or change form!" 

Everything is made up of energy.  You are an energy field and your body exists within that field. Your body is a denser energy or matter within your field, which is why you can see it.

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Feeling hyper and not able to focus?  Or feeling so low energy your dragging your knuckles on the floor?


Courtesy of All Good Things Creatives LLC

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